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Hailey Hatrick

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Project Description

Instructor Name: Hailey Hatrick

1. What class do you teach?

2. What certifications do you hold?
Les Mills BodyPump certification, first aid and CPR.

3. Favorite part of teaching classes?
Watching the growth of class members who participate, who push themselves to be better. I feed off of the class’ energy!

4. Why do you teach group fitness?
I have always been a participant and have grown so much myself from good instructors that I had a desire to be able to do that for others!

5. What motivates you?
Feeling healthy is what motivates me. I strive to wake up each day feeling good and by working out and sticking with a workout regimen, I am able to accomplish that.

6. What is your favorite quote?
“Believe in yourself and God and you can accomplish all things.”

7. What is your career outside of teaching group fitness?
Correctional Counselor

8. Family:
Married for five years with two dogs (Boss and Hank)

9. How long have you been teaching group fitness?
Since October 2017

10. What is your biggest struggle?
Getting enough sleep!

11. What is your favorite food?
Pizza, for sure pizza!

Hailey Hatrick Group Fitness Instructor - B.E. Fitness & Training Center