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Heather McDonald

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Project Description

Instructor Name: Heather McDonald

1. What class do you teach?

2. What certifications do you hold?
Currently none. I was certified years ago and then took time off from teaching after discovering a tumor on my spinal cord.

3. Favorite part of teaching classes?
Watching everyone’s faces walk in at 5 am. That is dedication. On a serious note, watching someone do something that didn’t think they could do, even if it’s just one.

4. Why do you teach group fitness?
I love the comradery. We are all there for a reason and helping each other is awesome.

5. What motivates you?
I’ve always enjoyed the physical endurance and trying to push myself to the limit. Call me crazy!

6. What is your favorite quote?
“‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:31. Everyone is going through something. Love them where they are at.

7. What is your career outside of teaching group fitness?
Sales at Van Meter Inc.

8. Family:
I have a wonderful husband Luke McDonald. We have a 6-year-old daughter Carly, 2 kittens and a dog. I’m sure some day we will have goats, too.

9. How long have you been teaching group fitness?
Since 2008

10. What is your biggest struggle?
Accepting aging/injuries and knowing that sometimes you just can’t do what you used to. Trying to stay focused on what the body can handle now.

11. What is your favorite food?
Pickles and drinking the pickle juice.