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Kayla Kurt

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Project Description

Instructor Name: Kayla Kurt

1. What class do you teach?
Les Mills BodyPump!

2. What certifications do you hold?
Les Mills BodyPump certification, Doctor of physical therapy, first aid and CPR. (and a bunch of others that all blur together at work!)

3. Favorite part of teaching classes?
I enjoy seeing people’s evolving commitment with classes and to their own health. Once I have that group of regulars, I feel like I can really relax when teaching because they know what to expect.

4. Why do you teach group fitness?
My love for BodyPump started when I was in grad school. My health went to the wayside as I thought studying was my number one priority. The local gym in Eldridge offered BodyPump and I decided to try it. I was BEYOND sore, but it was my one hour to “relax” and forget about studying.

5. What motivates you?
In regards to life: my family and friends are my biggest cheerleaders.
When it comes to health: My healthcare background. I see what can happen to your body if you do not take care of yourself (physically and mentally). I also had cadaver lab in physical therapy school and saw first hand what a trashed body looks like on the inside.

6. What is your favorite quote?
I’m going to get real honest here. I do not like quotes 😳. I can never remember them correctly.

7. What is your career outside of teaching group fitness?
I am a physical therapist.

8. Family:
Boyfriend Bryce

9. How long have you been teaching group fitness?
1 year

10. What is your biggest struggle?
Eating vegetables, being in a situation where I am not allowed to talk, and I am also awful at regularly cleaning my car.

11. What is your favorite food?
I like chicken strips, mashed potatoes and pizza. So, you could say Pizza Ranch was made for me.

Kayla Kurt - B.E. Fitness & Training Center - Group Fitness Instructor